Amanda Kilpatrick and Penny Green are regular faces on the Charity Tea Stall at Milford Farmers’ Market. Their charity – Rescue Remedies helps homeless dogs find their forever homes.

Rescue Remedies has been operating for 15 years by volunteers from all walks of life. As a rescue they stick by their dogs and do whatever it takes to secure them a forever home. Providing care and love to each and every dog whilst they are with them and applying a rigorous process to secure them the right home. Every penny you kindly donate, via online donation or through the Tea Tent at Milford, is spent on their lovely dogs.

You can find out more about their rescue and offer your support via their website –

Amanda’s Success Story

I have been volunteering at Rescue Remedies for 5 years now and love every minute. In my time there I have met many many dogs and some have stolen my heart.  One of them who completely did was Sasha Lickle Staffie. A beautiful red staffie who was in a home but was kept in a kitchen most of the time and not walked.

Sasha was badly treated at one time and Rescue Remedies quickly brought her into our fold.  Sasha was shut down when she arrived and very scared. All of the walkers who took Sasha out were giving her all the love she needed. I took Sasha under my wing and walked her numerous times every week and weekend and started to show her what the world can offer a lovely girl like her and that there are many more KIND humans than bad ones.

It took quite a bit of doing with me walking her and other volunteers taking her into their homes for a foster break to show her a “home”.  In the home Sasha proved how good she was. She did not like other dogs in her face but tolerated those who would give her space and walk by.

Sasha came into our Rescue in May 2014. One of our volunteer walkers Angelique fell for little Sasha when I was telling her all about her and that she so needed a break, so Angelique said she would foster her.  Her husband said that Angelique could foster for a short period. When it came to the day of me collecting her and taking her back to kennels it was awful because they loved her so much they wanted to keep her. They were off on holidays and promised to come back for her on their return. The rest as they say …………….is history.

Sasha was homed in September 2015 and has the very very best of life. She is a diva, she is spoilt rotten, she has her humans wrapped firmly around her paws but she is Sasha the most delightful gorgeous little Staffie whom we all love so much.