RESCUE REMEDIES – Charity Partner Focus

RESCUE REMEDIES is based in Gatwick, Surrey. Everyone who helps or walks our dogs are volunteers.   We have lots of dogs from Staffies, Terriers, Lurchers, Crossbreeds. 

To sum us up in a short space:

To our dogs
As a rescue we will stick by our dogs through whatever it takes to secure them their forever home. We will provide care and love to all our dogs whilst they are with us and apply a rigorous process to securing them the right home. In the event that a homing proves unsuccessful despite our best endeavours we will welcome our dog back with open arms and try even harder to find the right home for them. We will be driven first and foremost by our dogs needs and not by what we can afford, we will always find the money to cover unexpected veterinary bills.

To our volunteers
We will run a professional rescue and take all practical and reasonable steps to ensure volunteer’s safety and on-line security subject to following our procedures and those of the kennels we use. We will provide internet based tools to facilitate open communication between our members and help foster a sense of community amongst our membership. We will provide training and support to new volunteers as required. Our volunteers are amazing coming to the kennels walking the dogs, making them feel special again and often fostering until a new forever home comes along.

To our donors
Every penny you kindly donate will be spent on our lovely dogs and if you are a UK tax payer we will maximise your donation if you will kindly complete a gift aid declaration. No one in the Rescue takes a wage or expenses.  Everyone volunteers in order that every penny goes to the dogs.

To the general public
Subject to your patience, understanding and open mindedness we will work with you to find the right dog for you and provide you with an honest assessment of that dog’s needs and guidance about meeting them. We will provide open access to our web sites and on-line forum where you will find up to date information and news about each of our dogs along with the information and forms you will need to volunteer, and/or donate. We will also provide sections in the web site relating to fostering and homing and general advice and guidance about dog welfare and legislation.


The all important link to our Rescue

At Rescue Remedies we have so many dogs of all sorts and ages who need a wonderful FUREVER home.  Please look at our website, read lots of the doggies forum pages and if you can please complete a homing questionnaire. Please note our dogs our only homed to those who will commit to on lead only.  Most of our dogs have been saved from the Pounds and saved from being put to sleep after being found stray and it is our utmost goal to keep them safe at all times.

Thank you.