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Parkinson’s UK Guildford and South Surrey Branch

Parkinson’s affects 1 in 350 adults in the UK, around 145,000 in all, with 1in 20 diagnosed before they are 40. It is the second most common degenerative neurological condition after Alzheimer’s. The visible motor symptoms are stiffness, slowness, freezing and tremor but there are at least 40 other symptoms, many of which are invisible. These include disturbed sleep, problems with vision, loss of sense of smell and taste, problems with speech or swallowing and constipation. Parkinson’s UK encourages the formation of local groups which are largely self-funded.

The Guildford and South Surrey group welcomes everyone affected by PD – patients, their partners or carers and family members. The monthly meetings are held at 1.45 at Shalford Village Upper Hall on the last Tuesday of the month and provide a friendly, supportive environment where experiences can be shared. There is usually a speaker or a games afternoon and the group also arranges social functions and outings. Most importantly it subsidises specific PD exercise classes that are known to slow progression of the condition, and a singing group which increases general well-being as well as improving speech clarity and volume. Anyone wanting to know more should contact Hilary Austin –