Sunday 6th August: Haslemere High Street Farmers' Market

03 August 2017

Dear Customer

Lovely organic meat and oven ready game for Sunday lunch, the BBQ or just everyday meals

Mill Farm Organics: Organic, mainly grass fed animals, make this delicious beef, sheep and lamb meat. They farm on the Wey water meadows near Alton.

Hampshire Game: delicious oven ready game birds and venison, in a variety of cuts 

Imbhams Farm Granary: James is continuing with his hummus: made from UK grown dried Peas, gluten free and an excellent source of protein, plain and coriander flavour. He has his locally grown oats, which make delicious creamy porridge, muesli, bread mixes and much more.

The Hungry Guest’s artisan bread, provides the delicious base for sandwiches and toast.

Delicious individual cakes and tarts, some vegan and gluten free from the Wholesome Bakery

Lovely Olive Oils soaps from Olivary Fine Soaps

Turkey sausages, chicken and ducks from Harvey’s Poultry

See you Sunday and please bring your reward card

Trading this Sunday are 

Harvey's Poultry 077336 94933 Turkey sausages, chickens and duck
Hampshire Game 07717 111460 Oven ready fresh and frozen game
Tweetea 07392 569353 Children's herbal and flavoured teas
The Wholesome Bakery Small batch wholesome cakes and biscuits
Mill Farm Organics 07919 412664 Organic Rarebread Meats
Simon's Pies 07982 719621 Savoury pies
Leesa's not just Alpines 07900 815636 Alpine plants and garden perenials
Silent Pool 07785 902149 Gin, Vodka
Olivary Soaps 07970 387072 Handmade Olive oil soaps
Limpopo Biltong 01483 747899 Dried meats
RoseBay Willows  07577 218934 Living willow plant sculptures
The Hungry Guest 07770 513497  Artisan Bread: Sourdoughs, wholemeal, buns & cheese straws
Imbhams Farm Granary 07770 513497  Muesli, oatmeal, freshly milled flours, flapjacks
Haslemere Transition 01428 641241  Information/Recycling
Creamy White 079095 24060 Re conditioned furniture

When & Where

Milford Market

Secrett's Farm Shop

20th October

Sunday 10.00am - 1.30pm

Godalming Market

Crown Court

26th October

Saturday 10.00am - 3.00pm

Haslemere Market

High Street

3rd November

Sunday 10.00am - 1.30pm

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